Crew SMI – Assessing Our HoWLs

This week, Crew SMI have spent a considerable amount of time looking at our HoWLs (Habits of Work and Learning), assessing how each student is currently performing. We began looking through the rubrics created by Miss Mitchell. Each HoWL had its own breakdown, from Beginning to Excellence, stating what behaviours should look like.

Students assessed themselves, making note of their score for each HoWL and calculating their overall Average HoWL score. Students then set themselves targets to work towards for the next few weeks based on their HoWL scores.

We then split into our classes, Admiral and Skipper, to complete the next part of our assessment. In our class groups we repeated the process, taking it in turns to peer assess each other. We then set an achievable yet challenging target for each student.

Each student took some time to read through the assessment results and planned their next steps in terms of their targets. I look forward to seeing how many students achieve their goals in the weeks to come!

Miss Mitchell

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