FXP Tuck Shop

The next Tuck Shop will be held on Thursday 16th May during first break nearer to XP, as the Year 11 students have their GCSE exams in XP East.

We are in need of sweet donations for our £1 lucky dip bags. We are looking for Haribos, fizzies, chews, lollies etc. Any home baked goods would be welcome too. We are hoping to do some different savoury ‘grab n go’ wraps this time as well as ice-creams / lollies.

As always, volunteers are needed to join our small but dedicated group. If anyone could offer some time on Wednesday or Thursday this week, drop Victoria a message via her email [email protected].

So far, we have raised over £750 in just three events, a fantastic sum for our kids. Let’s see what we can achieve together by the end of this academic year!

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