FXP Tuck Shop

Thank you for your support of the first FXP tuck shop held this morning. Students and staff gathered at break to buy delicious treats, raising money for FXP. Today we raised £102 in just 15 minutes! All the money raised will be used for future XP projects, helping all of the schools of the XP Trust.

FXP are always on the look out for more volunteers and donations. In order to boost fundraising, we need more donations. For this event we received two. We appreciate all the help we received this time and wish to continue this moving forward, but we need your help so we can raise more. Look out for the FXP leaflet coming out soon with further details on how to support FXP. 

Our next tuck shop date is Thursday 25th April. But first we have Easter Hamper Day on Thursday 28th March. We look forward to seeing you there!

Friends of XP

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