Academic Performance

At XP, we focus on building character and creating beautiful work. We work tirelessly to ensure all our students will be able to go to university, if they so wish. As a consequence, our students are making outstanding academic progress.

XP underwent its first Section 5 Ofsted inspection on 12-13th July, and was found to be outstanding in all areas.

It states that:

  • Our students are making outstanding academic progress, including the most able.
  • Our students’ behaviour is impeccable and they love coming to school.
  • All our staff have consistently high expectations.
  • Staff morale is very high and leadership is held in very high regard.
  • Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the work of the school and the positive impact it is having on their children’s intellectual progress and moral well-being.

Ofsted Report
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The Ofsted inspection is consistent with other reports we have received, such as a school improvement inspection carried out by B11 by a current Ofsted inspector. This report is shown below.

Inspection report – B11
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Please see the academic progress summaries below, which confirm our students’ academic progress in more detail. Our judgements are cross-moderated with senior leaders in education.

Class of 2021 (Current Year 9) Academic Performance
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Class of 2022 (Current Year 8) Academic Performance
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We Are Crew

A short film about XP and the impact of the innovative expeditionary-learning led curricula on students’ character, resilience, engagement and learning outcomes created by Relational Schools.

The super-cut of the film and the report of their findings are below but if you would like to purchase the full version for £10 please click here.

We Are Crew *super-cut* from Relational Schools on Vimeo.

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