X24 Skipper – STEAM Extended Study – Tassomai

Students in X24 Skipper have now all been introduced to Tassomai. We’ve had a great session today!

Tassomai is a quizzing app which tracks student progress and builds the level of challenge over time. It will also return to previously studied questions automatically to check that new knowledge is being retained over time.

This will be an ongoing extended study for every week. This week students need to complete their daily goals for at least 4 out of the next 7 days.

There is a Tassomai app which can be downloaded from the app store or google play.

I will check that students have been completing this each every Tuesday.

Any questions or problems, please contact me:


Tassomai: Continuing Extended Study

A polite reminder that ALL C21 and C22 students have the ongoing compulsory extended study task of completing 10 minutes of daily quizzing on Tassomai. This must be kept up throughout the half term and beyond if it is to have to impact on student’s recall of key science information.

Please remind your sons and daughters of the need to keep this up!

Thanks again for the continued support.

Year 9 Spanish Extended Study

Students have to research a plantation (eg coffee, sugar cane) of their choice in a Central or South American country. They should focus particularly on the use of child labour there, and make notes about working hours, conditions, and exports. Due date is Monday 15th May. The work can be a googledoc.

Year 9 Spanish Extended Study

Students are to design a poster about a Central or South American Spanish – speaking country. Students have a help sheet with details for this. Posters can be hand drawn or a googledoc, and the work is due for Tuesday 2nd May.

Year 8 STEM Extended Study

You have two pieces of extended study to complete over the Easter break:
1. Complete your lab right up for the Water Purification experiment. See the attached photo which tells you the sections you need to have completed.
In your discussion you must explain what you found after we evaporated the sea water before and after we distilled the water by boiling it in the conical flask and condensing it in the test tube. What was the difference in the amount of dissolved solids before and after? What was there a difference? What happened? What was the pH change? Why did this happen? After the distillation, do you think the water was potable? If so, why? If not, why? Was your hypothesis correct or incorrect? Was it specific enough?
Make sure that you use correct scientific language and key words in your write up. Your work should be of high quality and be detailed. If you need help, please email me in good time.

2. Follow the links on Google Classroom. Read the texts and watch the videos on Enzymes to prepare yourselves by building your background knowledge for our next experiment; Enzymes- Investigation into the effects of pH on enzyme action.

3. Email Mr Voltaire with your answers to the following questions: 1. What is an enzyme? 2. What is the function of enzymes? Give examples 3. What is the lock and key theory? 4. What can affect the function of enzymes?