Subjects Matter

This is currently the book we are focussing on in our staff Book Club. This book is packed with really useful strategies to approaching texts, regardless of their subject matter! Well worth a read.

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Interested in working for XP ?


Soon, we will be starting our recruitment process for XP. Don’t worry, it won’t be the traditional affair of filling in a generic application form and hoping for the best. We want to know about you, what makes you tick, and how much you can offer XP.

For us to understand what you can offer us, we feel that you might need to understand us a bit more. We have spent hours, days, months, even years putting together our vision for XP and we can’t expect our applicants to have done the same, but we can expect some research and understanding, and an idea of how you think you can fit into this vision.

If you’re thinking of applying to XP, to be part of an amazing team, pioneering expeditionary learning in the UK, please consider reading, watching and listening to these following things:

Everything on our website, and:

An Ethic of Excellence
EL Core Practices
Studio Thinking
Why Fly That Way ?

In the meantime, please SIGN UP HERE, so we know you’re interested, and we’ll keep in touch.