X22 Humanities Extended Study Due Thursday

Students have made an excellent start to our new expedition looking at the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany. This week we have examined the problems facing Germany after WW1, specifically the Treaty of Versailles, hyperinflation and the Great Depression. See below for their beautiful books and notes!

Students have been given an image of a propaganda poster from 1932 to annotate with their thoughts on the posters’ message and purpose. This is due next Thursday (7th February) where we will discuss students findings and prepare for an assessment.

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C21 Spanish Extended Study

This week, students will be revising for the retake of their mock speaking exam next Tuesday 3rd, or 10th July. Those students not re – taking are to revise the media and technology topic, creating revision resources. Some examples are a mind map, flashcards, recorded notes. This revision resource is to be shown in class on Monday 9th July. Any problems, please see Mrs Sprakes.

Tassomai: Continuing Extended Study

A polite reminder that ALL C21 and C22 students have the ongoing compulsory extended study task of completing 10 minutes of daily quizzing on Tassomai. This must be kept up throughout the half term and beyond if it is to have to impact on student’s recall of key science information.

Please remind your sons and daughters of the need to keep this up!

Thanks again for the continued support.

C21 Spanish Extended Study

This week students have been given a sheet with phrases around role models to learn for a test on Monday 23rd April (Skipper) and Tuesday 24th April (Admiral). Half the test will be like a reading comprehension, where Spanish phrases will be translated into English. The other half will be heard in Spanish, and written in English. Any problems, please see Mrs Sprakes.