Crew Tomlinson- Working From Home

Crew Tomlinson have had the challenge of working from home for the past two weeks and I have to say as their crew leader I have been so pleased with the hard work and organisation they have shown. The participation in hangouts (both for crew and lessons) have been fantastic, which will really help crew when we are back in school next week to continue with their expeditions!

We have also had two crew birthdays in this period, which crew sang Happy Birthday ‘perfectly’ to Dec last week and Danny today (which I think both students really enjoyed…well maybe not my singing)!

Crew have also spent Wednesday afternoons and some of the morning crew sessions to carry on preparing for their Passage Presentation. I have mentioned to crew the importance of preparing for this and how they need to be organising their time to make sure they are ready for it. Some crew members have worked exceptionally hard on their presentation using their time wisely and already starting to have a fantastic structure. Other crew members need to make sure they are using the time in the best way they can and make sure they are getting on target for their script to be completed.

I really can’t wait for crew to be back in school on Tuesday, it will be great to see you all again!

Again well done for your fantastic efforts over the last 2 weeks at home crew and hope you have a fantastic birthday Danny!

Mrs Burnitt


This Friday Crew continues with their first aid for Duke of Edinburgh. Crew looked at what to do when someone is having a diabetic emergency. Crew also independently researched possible causes and treatments of type 1 and 2 diabetes. Crew showed great maturity in group discussions and are well on their way to be trained first aiders. Great work this week everyone!

Mrs Burnitt and Mrs Pulham

Crew Charity

During the last couple of weeks Crew Stan Lee have been looking at which local charity we would like to support.

After lots of discussion we have decided on the RSPCA who work tirelessly to protect animals in danger of neglect.

Crew Stan Lee showed great compassion towards animals on recent fieldwork, where Yr 9 were introduced to lots of different species including a legless lizard which looks like this.


Crew will even have an expert joining us from the RSPCA in November to discuss the important work they do to protect innocent animals.

WE ARE REALLY PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR CREW CHARITY and appreciate any help our community can provide.

Please look out for our fundraising events.


Crew Tomlinson – Kahoot time

This morning for Thoughtful Thursday we had a look at the crew dashboard. On Monday we had set a challenge as crew that everyone would aim to be on the praise form twice by Thursday, it was fantastic to see half of crew had achieved this with some crew members earning more! Fantastic effort from Rikki, Max, Harley, Frankie, Harley, Nada, and Molly!!

We also had time to complete a Kahoot on Mode, Mean, Median and Range. Crew all worked really hard trying to answer the questions in the time allocated. We had some fantastic scores. Well Done to Danny who came 1st……great work!

Academic Crew Piper

Crew Piper have been working hard, getting smart and being kind in HUMS lessons. Learning interesting facts about the industrial revolution and how to write and format a letter. Here are some examples.

Here is another example of a fantastic piece fo work in art Excellent effort Piper

We has some great discussion this morning on how we can challenge ourselves to achieve above our MEG by asking for those extension tasks and contributing to group discussions.

Well done Crew Piper its amazing to see all this beautiful work.

A wonderful week!

Crew Rosa Parks have had a wonderfully reflective and calm week in Crew time. It started with Mindful Monday when they spent time quietly colouring and listening to calming meditative music playing in the background. It was a great way to start the week and set them   up for the lessons ahead. They all enjoyed it so much they have asked for a repeat performance soon.



This was followed by Tranquil Tuesday where as a Crew they spent time reading quietly to themselves.

On Flexible Friday we spent Crew time revisiting ‘What is Crew?’ During this time each one of them chose a motivational postcard for another member of Crew and wrote them a message on it. They then read them out loud to the person that they had written it to. This Crew session was one of the most emotional ones we have had for some time. The messages were beautiful and uplifting.

They are such a wonderful Crew!!

An Oscar worthy performance!


Crew Rosa Parks have been looking at the use of social media. We have looked at both the positive and negative impacts that social media can have. They have looked at their own use and have made pledges such as:-

I pledge not to go on social media/phone after 8pm

I pledge not to go on social media as much as i do

I pledge to warn others about their use of social media

I pledge to pay more attention to my family

I pledge to listen to others and concentrate what is going on around me.

We will regularly revisit the social media pledges that they ALL made.

With these pledges in mind we incorporated the arts into our Crew sessions, using drama and freeze frame techniques to present some of the negative impacts of social media.

The two groups came up with their own ideas to dramatise. In the photos above Alfie is an actor on the screen in a cinema, the rest of the group are portraying the audience who are not paying attention to the screen, they are more interested in their phones.

In the second group Sareena is showing the frustration of someone not receiving an expected reply to a message on social media and throwing her iPad to the floor. In the background Holly and Maddi are portraying visibly upset youngsters who have received unkind  comments on a Facebook post. Guraaj is pointing out to Elijah and Fin that they are looking at illegal websites for their age.

It was a really enlightening and enjoyable few Crew sessions. I have some natural performers, We may see their name in lights one day!!


Crew Tomlinson – Reading to Success

Crew Tomlinson have worked exceptionally hard over the last few weeks with lots of great activities. Crew have completed their first star reading test of the year. This is to determine the progress crew members are making with their reading ability. Every Tuesday is also Tranquil Tuesday where crew have the ability to get lost in their books and have that quiet time to read.

Over the last couple of weeks crew have also researched charities and started to present the charity they would like our crew to raise money for. Crew have shown some great maturity and compassion with both the presentations and also discussions we have had.I am really looking forward to the final presentation, for us to choose a charity and start looking at ways to fund raise.

Well done crew, I am really proud of how we have come back to school and the maturity you are showing. Keep up the great work!

Freeze Frame

Crew Stan Lee had a fantastic time in our Wise Wednesday session creating a still image.


This session we looked at what a still image might look like and how they as a crew could recreate their own.

Crew working together…


Pause!! Frankie was in charge of this freeze frame.