Mrs Sprakes – Teacher

Sprakes, NicolaI graduated in 1991 from Durham University and went on to do my PGCE in French and English, completing this in 1992.

I had always wanted to teach, and thank goodness, as a career choice, I loved it!

The path to XP has taken me 23 years of educating thousands of students in 7 schools, with different roles, scattered over 4 different LA’s, with extremely different experiences in each of these schools.

Co-leading my own crew this year will be a challenge, but also hopefully experience that will bind me strongly to XP students, building relationships through character traits, and making our journey together. I can’t wait!

The culminating event to our staff induction is an Educator-Led Conference, where staff prepare speeches, critiqued by their peers, which answer the guiding question:

“What kind of person, and what kind of educator do I want to be at XP?”

Below is Mrs Sprakes’ speech: