Life in Balance

Does balance matter?

In term 3 of 2018, the C23 expedition was called “Life in Balance”,

The learning targets were :

  • I can develop informed personal response on a character and a theme, using quotations to support interpretations
  • I can use the second order history concept of cause and consequence to discuss the context of Mice and Men
  • I can comment on and analyse how writers achieve effects, using relevant subject terminology.
  • I can explain how the body maintains an internal equilibrium.
  • I can relate the evolution of the atmosphere to key events in earth’s history.
  • I can use algebra to analyse balance in nature.
  • I can describe the relationship between one, two and three dimensional measures

Students studied four main case studies looking at how Science, Maths, History and Literature convey a sense of balance and imbalance in the world around us . This involved a study of chemical and mathematical equations, analysing the balance/imbalance of society and relationships in Of Mice and Men, set against the dust bowl period of America in the 1930’s.

An expert in the field of gastroenterology came in and discussed with the students in detail the science behind how their body remains in balance with regards to aspects such as thermoregulation and blood glucose.

Fieldwork was carried out at Cast Theatre where students enjoyed a performance of “Of Mice and Men”, meeting and interviewing the cast as experts.

They carried out further fieldwork visiting DRAX power station to learn about the impact of fossil fuels on climate change and how the earth maintains a natural balance.

As a result of this research, students each created a mobile in the style of Alexander Calder, annotating the mobile with their thoughts about balance in response to the guiding question.

The expedition culminated in a 1930’s themed Presentation of Learning where students presented their mobiles and explained their thinking behind the creative representation of balance and imbalance.

All resources relating to this expedition can be found below:

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Final Product – Mobiles

In 2016/17 the same expedition was completed by C22 with a final product of presentations of chemical equations

Final Product – Chemical Equation presentations

Rae, Ben, Toby, Jasmine & Noah – Iron Oxide

Sonny, Kelsea, Anthony & Zara – Copper Oxide

Final Product – Skipper’s COL