A wonderful week!

Crew Rosa Parks have had a wonderfully reflective and calm week in Crew time. It started with Mindful Monday when they spent time quietly colouring and listening to calming meditative music playing in the background. It was a great way to start the week and set them   up for the lessons ahead. They all enjoyed it so much they have asked for a repeat performance soon.



This was followed by Tranquil Tuesday where as a Crew they spent time reading quietly to themselves.

On Flexible Friday we spent Crew time revisiting ‘What is Crew?’ During this time each one of them chose a motivational postcard for another member of Crew and wrote them a message on it. They then read them out loud to the person that they had written it to. This Crew session was one of the most emotional ones we have had for some time. The messages were beautiful and uplifting.

They are such a wonderful Crew!!

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