C30 – HSBC Money Management

XP Outdoors transforms to Learning Outside the Classroom – This term we have been given a fantastic opportunity to have HSBC Money Management team come and run 3 sessions on managing money. Here we are in session designed to help young people understand regular household expenses
such as rent, council tax, utility bills and food.

Students really engaged in the session provoking awesome discussions and ideas. What a way to add value and support to the amazing futures XP Students have in store.

Next we will move onto:

Savvy Shopping – Considers advertising and making smart purchases. A chance to explore what is
good value, how to spot a great offer and how loyalty, reward and store cards work.

Managing Your Outgoings – Looks at how to manage your spending and make sure you don’t get caught out by unexpected bills as well as making sure that you are getting value for money when
you do spend.

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