Ennis Hill at home hangout

It has been lovely to hear from some of Crew Ennis Hill on our hangouts on Wednesday and Thursday this week and next week we hope for more crew to be involved (if they can get out of bed by 1:30pm ha ha).

Being in Y11, is posing sightly different concerns for students:

How do I fill in a maths paper online?

How do I manage the time properly (shared by all year groups)?

What do I need to do for the poetry paper (is this just revision-no)?

When do you think we will get to have prom?

I miss school!

Yes that’s right some members of X22 are missing being in school! As a lot of students are. However it is important to remember that X22 have not only been sent home for the lockdown, but may never return and this is a cause for sadness.

However as Always, Ennis Hill managed to smile their way through and we had a laugh as well as a serious discussion about the work they need to complete.

Keep smiling Ennis Hill

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