Superstars in Crew Macmillan

This week has seemed even longer than last week – and it’s Thursday, not Friday! All the days seem to roll into one whilst away from Crew.

This week has highlighted a great deal of talent in Crew Mac, though. Courtney shared some photos with me of her artwork as part of the expedition Sagas, Sailing & Steel. I think everyone will agree with me about how amazing her work is!


Crew will also be set weekly challenges to complete before Friday’s Google Hangout.

This week, they have been asked to look at ‘gratitude jars’ – and tomorrow, each member of crew will have a little bit of time speaking about things they are thankful for in their life. They have been tasked with making this as simple or as complex as they like – there are already some lists being compiled, but take a look at what Heather has created already…

This way, Heather can continue filling her jar with positives – and keep a smile on all of our faces! I think this will be wonderful to open at the end of the year, too!

Keep working hard Crew Macmillan. There’s loads more great stuff going on behind the scenes, and i’m proud of every one of you. Keep me in the loop with your beautiful work, so we can share it with more people and showcase how great you really are!

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