Crew MCO/CMO’s Sports Hall Reward!

We had an AWESOME morning in crew today… after earning some reward time for 100% attendance, high amounts of praise points, and just being INCREDIBLE…

We took on a game of ‘corner football’! We also took part in a crew mile to raise some money for the British Heart Foundation to support Miss Barton’s ‘dechox’ challenge – where Miss Barton isn’t eating any chocolate for a whole month. She’s got more will power than we have!

It was hard to get good photos this morning… crew are SO fast! It was lovely to see crew working as a team, communicating well, and showing integrity when their teams were out! A special shout out to the red team (Aaran, Emma & Paddy) and the yellow team (Leo, Lewis and Charlotte) who came out on top of the corner football points table!

We’re super proud of you! Miss C & Mr M x

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