Happy Birthday, Hilda!!!!

After a Doncaster Free Press article caught our eye, as a school community we decided we wanted to make a difference to a member of our local community.

Hilda is a resident in a care home in Bentley, and this week she celebrated her 105th birthday… wow!!!! Hilda’s biggest wish for her birthday was to receive 105 birthday cards!

We wanted to help Hilda celebrate this wonderful moment, and so crews got to work on creating (or writing) birthday cards for Hilda. Take a look at some fabulous examples below!

As a school community across XP and XPE we managed to achieve….


…..107 birthday cards for Hilda!!! 🎉

Frankie, Rye and Ashley did a wonderful job of delivering Hilda’s cards, flowers and chocolates on behalf of our school, and had fantastic conversations with the carers, too. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to see Hilda (who is now a local celebrity!) as she chose to celebrate her 105th birthday with a long lie in – and who can blame her!!!!

Ashley also explained the meaning behind the card he had personalised for Hilda. Ashley spent hours over the weekend researching events from 1917 (Hilda’s birth year) to the present day, and created a gorgeous card to remind Hilda of the key events across her lifetime! We’ve since heard that this is one of Hilda’s favourite cards, too!

They even roped Mrs Parker and Miss Cocliff into a photo opportunity, too!!

Thank you to everyone who made a card, wrote a card, and wanted to contribute to making Hilda’s day so special. It was lovely to be a part of Hilda’s day, even in a small way, and we really pulled together to show what XP is about. Take a look at Hilda with all of her cards and gifts below.

I love that we were able to contribute to Hilda’s special day. Above all, compassion!

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