Reconnecting with Crew Thunberg

It’s been great to be back so far this term! We’ve been spending time getting back into the routines of working hard, getting smart and being kind.


On our Tranquil Tuesdays reading sessions, we’ve started a new book called Pet by Nigerian  author Akwaeke Emezi. This book has been sparking some great discussions in crew as it address some quite challenging themes. I’ve been so impressed with how maturely crew Thunberg have approached the issues that this book touches on.

We’ve also taken the time to challenge ourselves to engage in something a bit more sporty by playing dodgeball against other crews. It has been lovely for me to spend time with Crew Thunberg doing something like this, as I don’t get a chance to see them when they’re doing PE. I was blown away by the sportsmanship and the drive and determination shown by everyone in crew Thunberg.

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Attendance has also been fantastic in crew so far — it’s great to see everyone turning up to school every day prepared and ready to do their best!


Well done on an excellent start, Crew Thunberg!!


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