Record Breaker!!

It’s been a record breaking week for Crew JNI

Recently, there’s been a phrase used a lot by news reporters, politicians, and even me! It goes something like this: In these uncertain times…

In fact, I almost started this blog post with the same phrase before I paused and thought, what things are not uncertain… what do we know for certain? Well there is certainly one thing:

Crew JNI have worked SUPER HARD this week

In fact, it’s been the hardest that we’ve all worked since we have been away from school. Looking over the tracker for our crew, I can see that Crew JNI have completed the most work this week than since the start of our distance learning journey!

I feel humbled that even in times as uncertain as these (there’s that phrase again), that these students are still exemplifying what it means to WORK HARD. I think it’s testament to the tenacious spirit of Crew JNI to want to succeed. On top of everything else they been doing, they’ve managed to impress me and all their other teachers.

Kristian, Charlotte and Maddie were praised by Mrs Tonwson this week for completing EVERY PIECE of science work that has been set. William has also been consistently working hard since the beginning of lockdown too!

I want to give a special mention to Kira too because Mrs Vayro has noticed her going ABOVE & BEYOND in her HUMS work and completing all tasks for the new expedition, including the optional tasks as well!

There isn’t much more to say except:

Keep up the amazing work, and keep working hard, Crew JNI

I’ll leave you with this fantastically simple, creative and yet effective message from Ava to just BE HAPPY!

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