Results 2019

We are thrilled with the fantastic results that our students in the Class of 2021 (X21) achieved in this, our first set of GCSE results. 

Indications are that we have achieved well above national expectations in both attainment and progress in almost all areas and this is a testament to the hard work of students, staff and the incredible support we receive from parents.

Highlights include 86% of our students achieving 9-4 in English Language. 84% achieved 9-4 in English Literature and History. All the more remarkable to say that all of our students are entered for both Literature and History. We teach them in mixed ability classes all the way through to the exam. Incredibly, 24% of all our students achieved an 8 or 9 in History.

This success is all about teamwork, it is all about crew.

However, academic achievement is only one measure of success.

Through our cross-subject expeditionary curriculum, students have enjoyed an engaging, creative and rich learning experience. This has allowed our students to engage with the world and create beautiful work that really matters and that has made a difference.

For example, all of our students in X21:

  • Created a Young Person’s Field Guide to Potteric Carr – local wetland reserve; 
  • Published a book reflecting on What Makes a Successful Community; 
  • Exhibited their original art work at Doncaster Art Gallery addressing the question of ‘Are We Really Free to Choose’; 
  • Contributed to the Ted Hughes Festival culminating in a public access Poetry Slam at the Point Arts Centre; 
  • Visited the Houses of Parliament;
  • Created information boards about the importance of ecology, which can be seen in four local parks across Doncaster;
  • Designed and created and published a Viking booklet, including the science and history behind the Viking artefacts on display at the Yorkshire Museum, and presented this work to the general public at the Viking Festival in York. 

All of our students in X21 have been to the theatre to see productions of:

  • To Kill a Mockingbird;
  • Blood Brothers; 
  • Othello (at the Globe theatre in London).

All of our students in X21 have worked purposefully at university and experts including:

  • Working in the chemistry laboratories at Sheffield Hallam University; 
  • Fitness testing and biomechanical analysis with sports scientists;
  • Historical seminars on slavery at Sheffield Hallam University;
  • Fieldwork at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at Sheffield University; 
  • Interviewing the Bishop of Doncaster.
  • Working alongside the curator of Doncaster Museum
  • Collaborating with professional poets, geologists, archaeologists and lawyers as experts on expeditions.

Through our learning expeditions our students not only gain the knowledge to pass exams, not just the cultural capital of knowing the world around them, but also the powerful knowledge to positively change the world they will adopt when they leave school.

This builds the character and resilience of our students as we allow them all to respectfully express who they are through their work. Students say that they love coming to school resulting in extremely high attendance rates massively above the National Average and promoting a positive culture that has resulted in no exclusions in the past four years.

Underpinning this character growth, the Duke of Edinburgh award is participated in by all of our students with 94% achieving Bronze award and 70% achieving Silver. All of our students were able to complete the National Citizen Service after their exams.

The work our students do is three dimensional:

Academic success + character growth + beautiful work = The best version of you

As adults, we are judged by who we are and the quality of our work. This is why we focus relentlessly on character growth and beautiful work as well as qualifications. Qualifications will get you through the door. Who you are and the quality of your work will get you the job, the place at university, the start up business loan.

Therefore, we are extremely proud of our staff, students, parents and the wider community that has built our school together on these shared values and goals. We have achieved all this because of our differences.

We look forward to continuing this work for the young people of Doncaster and their families.


  1. Very interesting, as is today’s Times article. Do you teach languages? As an academy you don’t need to, but I wonder how they might fit your approach.

    • Hi John, we teach Spanish and students can choose any language as an additional GCSE if they so wish in Year 10.

  2. So wonderful to read about your school. As a teacher in an academy in London it felt like I was always just scratching at the surface, battling against a tide of smoke and mirrors: trained for ‘child centred education’ but never able to deliver. Retired early last year.
    Well done to you for having the vision and the necessary resilience to push it through. Don’t suppose you have any energy left to spread across other parts of the country? Young teachers need hope before they all burn out. Young people with pride and independent minds are desperately needed in this crazy world of ours.

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