Update: Positive Covid19 cases in our schools – 07.09.21

Dear Parents

Through the testing process this week, as I stated yesterday, we have identified an increasing number of positive Covid cases in school. As a result, we are increasing the testing processes so that we can identify and isolate cases, where possible. Mr Sprakes spoke to Public Health Doncaster today, and shared the latest data regarding positive Covid tests in both staff and students, who were supportive of the measures we have put in place up to date. If cases continue to rise then we have been advised to seek further advice.

We also ask parents to continue to test your child every Wednesday and Sunday via the Lateral Flow tests that our schools have provided students with.

Obviously, the situation is very challenging and changing constantly. As a result, we may have to adapt our systems by putting in place further strategies, after consultation with Public Health, in our schools to try and further reduce the spread of infections.

As such, I would encourage parents to check the website on a daily basis for any updates. If you subscribe to our website you will receive automatic updates to your email account. We have found in the past this is the most effective and timely way of communicating with parents.

Crew will still take place for students isolating through Google Hangout so that they can check in with their crew and crew leader if they are well enough to do so. Also, work has been set through Google classrooms so if your son/daughter has to isolate then, if they are asymptomatic and/or well enough, they can access class sessions so that they can keep up with expedition work. If there are any issues with this provision please do not hesitate to contact your son’s/daughter’s crew leader in the first instance and we will endeavour to solve any problems.

Expeditions have started really well and students are engaging, at the moment in fieldwork activities and working with experts. If cases continue to rise we may need to review this.

With the lifting of the restrictions across England, and people mixing freely it is very difficult for us to manage the situation in school. I would like to thank you for your understanding and the overwhelming support we receive in trying to make sure our young people have an amazing learning experience whilst keeping safe.

We have a further meeting with Public Health Doncaster to review our protocols before the end of this week and I will update you when this has taken place.

Best wishes

Jamie Portman

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