We are the leaders of the future# Crew Piper

Crew Piper have been supporting and leading this week in crew. Students have been offering support with others passage and helping me so I can read through everyones. Brilliant teamwork everyone.

We have been chatting in crew about students mental health and how we can support each other. We came up with a bank of ideas to help over the weekend and next week.

  1. Going for a walk.
  2. Exercise class
  3. Reading
  4. Baking
  5. Having a facetime with friends.

We have also decided as a crew to make Fridays into FUN FRIDAYS and are taking it in turns to lead a fun activity in crew. Can’t wait for our first session next week.

In crew students having been creating some beautiful pieces of artwork. Here are some examples. Its lovely to see the different hobbies we have as a crew.


Have a fab weekend everyone

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