What a week in Crew MCO/CMO!

We know, our crew name is a mouthful at the minute!!! But let us tell you a little bit about our week…

Mindful Monday was an odd one this week. We welcomed 3 visitors in to crew – Miss Carr, Miss Warwick and Miss Cope all work at XP already, but came to check out how we do crew! So we HAD to do something a little out of our comfort zones….

After discussing mindfulness and what that meant, and creating a list of mindful activities we could do as a crew, it was time for…… YOGA! It was Mindful Monday, after all! We each attempted 3 yoga poses, along with following a relaxing breathing program, to start our morning in a really chilled way. Check out crew attempting the ‘child’ pose!

It turns out some of crew didn’t love yoga as much as others – and during our debrief, shared that it made them feel ‘uncomfortable’, ‘silly’, ‘hurt (from the stretches!)’ – whilst others felt ‘calm’, ‘relaxed’, and ‘zen’! We’re super proud of everyone for giving it a go, though!

On Tuesday, we began looking at what qualities we feel our crew already has; kindness, respect, care… and we started to look at what our crew name could be. Watch this space!

This morning, we started to talk about pledges. We identified our strongest character traits, and ones we feel we need to work on this term. It’s brilliant to hear, though, that compassion and respect are what we’re already good at! Shout out to Lewis, too, for identifying other crew members’ strengths, and giving some beautiful examples of where he’s seen them demonstrated! THAT’S crew!

We are extremely proud of how our wonderful humans are conducting themselves around school. We can’t wait to share more of their brilliant work with you!

Miss Cocliff & Mr Morrison x

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