X26 Fieldwork

As part of our current expedition ‘Get up! Stand up!’ our current case study is looking at Africa and Slavery.

On Wednesday 22nd January we are taking all X26 students to the Merseyside Maritime Museum to take part in a workshop and see displays about Slavery and the Trade Triangle.

We ask students to be at school for 7.45 am and we hope to be back approximately 5.30 pm, traffic allowing. Any students with travel sickness please ensure they have medication for both journeys.

Students will need to bring a packed lunch with them and something to drink.  Students who are normally provided with a meal at school will be given a packed lunch.

The Museum is indoors but there is a short walk from the bus so we recommend that students wear a coat.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact me gvayro@xpshool.org

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