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Here at XP Doncaster we work closely with the Careers & Enterprise Company who regularly update us with current labour market information (LMI). Labour market information can help students and parents understand the job market and find out which careers, different qualifications can lead to. 

It makes clear where work opportunities are increasing or decreasing, what occupations exist, what you need to study to become a professional in that occupation, what is required to take up an occupation, how one can find a job, change job or progress in a career.

The following LMI information is the most up to date information for the local Doncaster & South Yorkshire area. This page is updated monthly. The following Information is taken from statistics from 

December 2023.

Its all Happening in Doncaster

This video was produced for Business Doncaster and is to be shown to all students at The Laurel Academy with the aim of showcasing the range of careers that Doncaster has to offer, and to promote remaining in Doncaster after education. The video demonstrates a diverse range of sectors base in Doncaster, and really highlights the opportunities that are found in the town for the younger generation and our learners here at the academy.

Click on the ‘Its All Happening in Doncaster’ ink below to play the video –

Further Useful Links to Labour Market Information

The following links will help students and parents find out about what jobs are likely to be important nationally and regionally over the coming years. We would encourage students to look through the resources below before making choices about further education or employment:

South Yorkshire Careers Hub – Up to date reports on the local labour market information for Doncaster and South Yorkshire. You can select different regions of South Yorkshire to compare the LMI for each region.

Working Futures 2014-2024: Report produced by the UK Commission of Employment and Skills on the future of work in the UK.

Target Careers: To find out about different careers sectors – includes useful advice and information such as salaries, the types of jobs available and what your options are with, or without, a degree.

Target Jobs : To look through graduate job descriptions to find out what each job involves and the qualifications and skills that are most needed

Careerometer: Find out about pay and projected workforce changes in different jobs.

National Careers Service provides excellent information about a wider variety of job roles.

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