Crew AJA’s Time Capsule

During our first week together we decided to create a snapshot of the beginning of year 7 at XP for crew AJA.  Our plan was to make a time capsule that we could bury in the school grounds and excavate in five years time, at the end of year 11 when our crew are preparing to say their farewells and to have their “Final Word” (an XP tradition where graduating students speak to family and friends about their experiences over the previous five years.)

In the time capsule we placed letters to our year 11 selves, artwork representing us and the things that we’re interested in, and also a few personal items that some crew members chose to represent themselves.  There’s a photo of all of us together on our very first day in school too!

Sadly due to Covid, a couple of crew members missed the official capsule burial ceremony on October 1st, but we’re going to give them an opportunity to re-open the package and to make their mark on the capsule before it’s re-buried until 2026!

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