Fabulous Fieldwork!

On Thursday 1st July, Crew Macmillan (and the rest of C24!) took part in fieldwork to Shrewsbury Prison, to support their current expedition ‘Karma Police!’ – and to focus on their guiding question of ‘have we got justice right?”. 










We learned lots from the day; like what prison conditions were like, and we were lucky enough to see examples of Victorian, Georgian, and modern day prison cells! We met a couple of strict prison guards, learned about how people get booked into prisons, some specialist equipment (didn’t we, Ricki!?) and received a guided tour.  We also learned how to work as a team (when we were locked in cells, and had to complete riddles to get out!!!!), and we learned that orange [and even the stocks!!!] really suits some of us!










All in all, it was a fantastic (and informative) day, and student conduct was near impeccable – and we didn’t keep any of crew Mac locked up!!!  Keep up the great work, crew!

Miss C x

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