Hahn’s HoWLS

in Thursday crew sessions over the last couple of weeks, Hahn have been looking at their Habits of work and Learning (HoWLS). This forms part of our Narrative for success, together with attendance and academic progress. (Academic progress data will be out early December).

Our HoWLS (Habits of work & learning) are:
Work Hard:
I arrive for each class on time and prepared
I participate fully and mindfully in class
I complete all work in a timely manner to the best of my ability

Get Smart:
I take responsibility for my learning by asking questions and seeking help when needed.
I assess my work based on established criteria and rubrics
I welcome feedback and revise my work

Be Kind:
I communicate politely and kindly
I work cooperatively with others
I take care of resources and materials and act as a steward of our community

Teachers and crew leaders assess students on their HoWLS at specific times during the academic year and are graded between 1 to 4.5.

Less than 2.5 is Serious

Between 2.5 – 2.9 is a Concern

Between 3 – 3.4 is ok / secure

Between 3.5 – 3.9 is Great

And 4 and over is Awesome

Students should be achieving at least a 3!

This data is then analysed by students during crew so they can identify areas of success that can be celebrated and areas that need to be improved on. By doing this students take accountability and ownership of their learning.

When students have analysed their data they make pledges on what they are going to improve on. This is then supported by a crew leader pledge of how we can support them further.

We will be checking in weekly with our Pledges to really hold each other to account. at the moment our overall average HoWls are between 3.0 and 3.2. There are a few people in crew who can really make a difference in helping to bring our average up to a 3.5 and there are some who are already achieving this as individuals so well done to them!

we have made pledges as a crew before, however we have not regularly looked over them so they have often slipped or not actually improved. As it says in the name, HABITS of work and learning….. if we want to improve on this we need it to become habit and for habits to form we need to keep practicing and returning to it over and over again.

This is my pledge as crew leader:

to return to pledges and HowLS every Thursday to reinforce our habits to support my crew to work harder, get smarter and continue to be kind.

Our pledges will be displayed in our crew room and students will be sending a copy out to parents soon, however you can ask to see your child’s as they have access to them on their devices.

If you have any questions about HoWLS or anything else please feel free to email me.

Best wishes,

XP16 Lead
Hahn Crew Leader
XP Trust Outdoor Expedition Lead

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