Hahn go a hunting….

Welcome back crew Hahn… again!

Unfortunately due to my role with covid testing and then the year 11 students having to go home again i haven’t seen much of my crewbies. So as today was the first proper session with them for ages I decided we’d do something fun…… an Easter egg hunt outdoors!

Here’s a photo of what we collected.

It’s great to have them back in school and back in crew!



Hahn’s Friday crew breakfast

The amount of time staff and students are spending on screens because of covid is a lot and believe me it’s pretty exhausting. I don’t know why its more tiring but it really is. I really praise our students for how they are spending the day doing sessions online starting in crew every morning.


So I wanted to think of ways we can still be crew but actually get away from the screen and spend a bit of time looking after ourselves, slowing down and caring for and nurturing ourselves. What better way to encompass all those things than a nice big home cooked breakfast…. and what better time than during crew to do this together.

At the beginning of the week we each thought about a breakfast we’d like to prepare and cook for ourselves or someone else in our house. Some knew within seconds what they were mocking whereas it took others till Friday morning to decide. 


We checked in this morning (Friday) as normal to do the register and then discussed what each of us was cooking. James S must have been starving as he’d already started sending pics of him cooking his scrambled eggs!

Tom wasn’t feeling hungry so he lovingly cooked his mum beans on toast, brilliant!

James L even went to the trouble of making homemade hash browns, he said he’d over spiced them but i was still impressed.

Gracie prepared herself a beautiful healthy and colourful breakfast of crumpets, fried tomatoes and rocket, it looked so pretty!

Maddison continued the pancake day theme with chocolate chip pancakes that looked yummy!

Although Cara hadn’t a clue all week of what to cook she did a fab looking poached egg on toast, poaching an egg takes skill!

Sam did a classic egg & bacon sarnie on brown with his morning cup of coffee, our Sam does like his coffee!

Sophie also had an egg & bacon sarnie but in a bap with a perfectly fired egg, (she’s also partial to some butter on her bread by the looks of it ; )

James SK looked a natural in the kitchen and couldn’t wait to get started with his bacon and scrambled eggs which tempted me into cooking myself scrambled eggs with a couple of left over sausages.


We then rejoined the hangout and talked through how it had gone and I think everyone enjoyed themselves being off screen having some restful and much needed time looking after ourselves, I know I did!

Click here to have a look at these tasty pics!

Crew Attenborough smashing lockdown

Crew Attenborough had a check in today “What’s your  favourite memory from XP?”



“Meeting my best friend “

“Acting in Macbeth”

”Christmas lectures”


“Just coming to XP”

“When I leave” (lots  of me too’s here)

When it came  to my turn I could have gone on forever. Charlie’s dancing, Michaela’s 360* on a rock face, Zack cycling for charity, Chandni’s football skills, gaining new crew members who fitted into our “family” perfectly. James’ and Harley’s  passage presentations, group dancing in crew christmas disco,letter from  SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH!!! ….. So many happy memories and such pride  in every  single one of my Attenborough. You brighten my life and I will miss you all so  much.


Praise postcards truly deserved

Crew Berger: Things we’ve learned in lockdown 2.0

So, a new year arrived filled with hope and possibility – and then we got the news that we were learning from home again.  Crew were determined to write to Gavin Williamson this term to ask the government to make a decision about GCSEs, and then it was announced that they wouldn’t go ahead as planned.  It’s felt a bit like we’re walking on shifting sands as we make our way towards the end point of our XP journey, but it’s been really inspiring to see how crew Berger have got stuck in, and are working hard to make the best of the situation.

As well as learning loads of things in our online sessions, and getting to grips with working from home again – we’ve found out some interesting things about crew in our morning hangouts…

One member of crew can’t live without their hot water tap – so they can survive on hot drinks and ramen…

Someone needs help waking up in the morning, but luckily they have a personal alarm call each morning from a very kind crew member…

Two of us have broken our video game controllers – probably due to excessive overuse after being stuck inside all day…

Lots of us feel like we’ve exhausted the possibilities that Netflix has to offer…

Four of us are still catching Pokemon…

And one of us really likes their towel!


I wonder what next week will bring.


January 2021 – Crew Earhart

It’s not been the return to school that any of us expected, but it’s still been fantastic to connect with Crew again this week.

Amongst our topics of conversation and check- ins have been: most fun moment of Christmas (being with Grandparents), favourite present (look at this for compassion – one student actually said she didn’t have one – her favourite present was the one she bought for her Mum!), and of course, what lies ahead in terms of GCSEs.

As well as catching up, Crew have been thinking about next steps, applying for 6th form colleges and apprenticeships too. This shows a level of focus and commitment that will be needed throughout the months to come. Oh, and discovering a few unique jobs and careers for ourselves, via the START computer programme. One Crew member is being channelled into Game Design, whilst I should be a nurse, chemistry teacher or prison guard!

Well done Earhart, we are in a an unusual set of circumstances, but we’ll get through it because WE ARE CREW.

Hahn’s HoWLS

in Thursday crew sessions over the last couple of weeks, Hahn have been looking at their Habits of work and Learning (HoWLS). This forms part of our Narrative for success, together with attendance and academic progress. (Academic progress data will be out early December).

Our HoWLS (Habits of work & learning) are:
Work Hard:
I arrive for each class on time and prepared
I participate fully and mindfully in class
I complete all work in a timely manner to the best of my ability

Get Smart:
I take responsibility for my learning by asking questions and seeking help when needed.
I assess my work based on established criteria and rubrics
I welcome feedback and revise my work

Be Kind:
I communicate politely and kindly
I work cooperatively with others
I take care of resources and materials and act as a steward of our community

Teachers and crew leaders assess students on their HoWLS at specific times during the academic year and are graded between 1 to 4.5.

Less than 2.5 is Serious

Between 2.5 – 2.9 is a Concern

Between 3 – 3.4 is ok / secure

Between 3.5 – 3.9 is Great

And 4 and over is Awesome

Students should be achieving at least a 3!

This data is then analysed by students during crew so they can identify areas of success that can be celebrated and areas that need to be improved on. By doing this students take accountability and ownership of their learning.

When students have analysed their data they make pledges on what they are going to improve on. This is then supported by a crew leader pledge of how we can support them further.

We will be checking in weekly with our Pledges to really hold each other to account. at the moment our overall average HoWls are between 3.0 and 3.2. There are a few people in crew who can really make a difference in helping to bring our average up to a 3.5 and there are some who are already achieving this as individuals so well done to them!

we have made pledges as a crew before, however we have not regularly looked over them so they have often slipped or not actually improved. As it says in the name, HABITS of work and learning….. if we want to improve on this we need it to become habit and for habits to form we need to keep practicing and returning to it over and over again.

This is my pledge as crew leader:

to return to pledges and HowLS every Thursday to reinforce our habits to support my crew to work harder, get smarter and continue to be kind.

Our pledges will be displayed in our crew room and students will be sending a copy out to parents soon, however you can ask to see your child’s as they have access to them on their devices.

If you have any questions about HoWLS or anything else please feel free to email me.

Best wishes,

XP16 Lead
Hahn Crew Leader
XP Trust Outdoor Expedition Lead

Crew Berger’s Beautiful Revision



Crew Berger have been focussing again on revision tasks.  A couple of weeks ago we started a programme of revision inspired by Mrs Sprakes work last year with crew Bronte.

Each member of our crew selected an area of study that they were comfortable with and pledged to create some revision materials based on that.  We gave ourselves two weeks to get it started and this week we presented our work.

Abi worked on the Vikings and shared several pages of notes that she’d made on Viking society.  Joe found and shared a sample Maths question and Henry produced some notes on Cell Biology, looking at cell structure and moving into DNA.

Rex and Laura also worked on Biology – producing flashcards on Hormones and Menstruation.  Laura went down the more traditional route of writing hers out on cards and then taking photos so she could share them.  Rex used an app to create his flashcards which allows you to see how long you’ve spent studying each one.


Laura also produced some character notes for one of our English texts – An Inspector Calls, and Khushi worked on flashcards for characters in Macbeth.  We enjoyed testing each other on these – can you remember who Fleance is!?

Jac decided to focus on Physics and, although he is doing the higher tier papers, he produced foundation study material to help others in crew.  His worked examples of answers on volume, density, electricity and other topics are beautifully presented and explained.

We’ve pledged to continue to produce this revision material and to make it public over the coming months leading up to the exams in summer next year.  We’re also pledging to put together a website so that our work can be made available to other crews and other students hoping to do well in their GCSEs.


My Mental Health Took Kit

This term our Wise Wednesday crew sessions are focusing on how we can support our own mental well being.

Some students may feel that this will be of no benefit to them, that they feel absolutely fine, don’t need any help or techniques to help with their mental well being…

However what if we think ahead and create a tool kit of supportive strategies now, before problems like anxiety, depression, isolation, and other life pressures hit us. Hopefully, if or when any of these problems arise we are already equipped to deal with them.

Like anything, these techniques need to be practised to get the true benefit from them. By becoming familiar with them sooner rather than later, will make it easier to engage in them when things get tough.

This weeks session was the BODY SCAN. A body scan is a type of meditation whereby you mentally scan yourself from head to toe. You are bringing awareness to every single part of your body, noticing any aches, pains, tension, or general discomfort. Staying present and breathing into these sensations can help bring relief to our minds and bodies.

Our learning target was: I can identify the benefits to my mental health through taking part in a form of relaxation technique called a body scan.

As expected not everyone felt an immediate positive impact from it. As crew Hahn had already done this last term, we tried an alternative type of scan where we focus on contracting our muscles before relaxing them which helps to identify what it actually feels like for certain areas of our body to be relaxed. For example when we are stressed we naturally tense our shoulders and neck so sometimes we might think we are relaxed when actually we are not.

As i previously said, not everyone will feel its benefits after doing it once or twice. For people who haven’t done anything like this before it can seem very odd lying on the floor next to your mate concentrating on parts of the body and your breathing. Hopefully though, if and when students are experiencing difficulty such as poor sleep or if they are feeling overwhelmed with anxiety they can look back to these session and have a go.

Why not have a try at this yourself? There are loads of body scan meditations on the internet. Here is a link to a headspace.com body scan free trial, why not give it a try yourself…….

Crew Hahn reap the benefits of Saluting the Sun

As part of our continued focus in crew on wellbeing and things we can do to have a more positive impact on our mental health we started this morning by ‘saluting the sun’. This is a flow of yoga poses & stretches that focus on breathing and self awareness.

Before we took part in the activity we did a purposeful check in where I asked everyone to use a maximum of 3 words to describe how they feel. This was their list:


Tired, happy, Cold


Tired & Sleepy


Tired and anxious

Tired and cold

Tired and cold

tired and cold

Pleased, tired and disappointed


Tired, emotional and annoyed


We then completed the activity by doing the yoga poses and stretches 5 times. The final 2 times were lead by Tom who seemed to have a really good grasp of directing the flow and sequences of the activity.


After we completed it we sat back in our circle and I asked them again to use a maximum of 3 words to describe how they feel now.

This was theIr list in the same order:


Happy and tired




Tired and relaxed



tired but less cold

A bit calmer


Tired (and in pain from stubbing toe)


As you can see overall there was a positive impact from engaging in the activity, where previously most of crew commented on being cold, tired and sleepy to now feeling more awake, less cold and more relaxed.


As a crew we decided that we’d be happy to try other methods of relieving stress and anxiety during our crew sessions.

p.s I tried to take some photos but they were having non of it!