Praise and Reward indeed!

Our students in crew Tubman have been working exceedingly hard this term at improving their HOWLs and especially looking at our Spanish HOWLs in more depth. We have done this by self assessment of our own behaviour within this session. The reason for this is that the students had begun to grapple with how to move forward, as well as in other sessions.

By looking at their own behaviour and making pledges every week and sticking to these pledges, the students have been able to see the rewards for their consistent hard work, with everyone achieving either a 3.5/ 4.0 for all of their Work Hard, Get Smart and Be Kind HOWLs in the last two weeks of term.

There has been a marked improvement across all subjects as a result of the mini pledges our students have made this term based on their work around SLCs. As their crew leader i am tremendously proud of all their efforts and as such they were rewarded this afternoon with a picnic and team games.

It was lovely to see the students kick back and enjoy the sunshine i particularly enjoyed hearing their giggles.


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