C27 Expert Visit – Rev Canon Ian Smith Engages XP/East School in Sacramental Understanding

Rev Canon Ian Smith’s expert visit to XP and XP East School sparked meaningful discussions about sacraments and the church’s role in the local community. Students participated and asked respectful questions, leading to a valuable learning experience; deepening their understanding of the GCSE content.

Rev Canon Ian Smith explained that sacraments are special rituals that help us connect with God and his community. He shared personal stories that showed how sacraments bring comfort, inspiration, and strengthen his faith. XP School students listened with compassion and respect, asking interesting questions about the origin of sacraments, the church’s impact on the community, and how sacraments provide support during difficult times.

Rev Canon Ian Smith provided insightful answers, helping students better understand sacraments and appreciate the church’s compassionate role in offering guidance, support, and a sense of belonging in the community. A great morning sharing this with our C27 Ethics students!

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