D6: business as usual

C24 can breath a huge sigh of relief as the 2nd set of Y11 mocks are almost over (Just a few to mop up)

However, it’s really important that students keep the momentum going with their revision all through the year, and not just before the real deal which starts next month with Spanish speaking.

Click here to view our current enrichment timetable, which includes details of all the all the lunchtime and after school revision sessions available.

We are also encouraging all Y11s to attend D6 on a Saturday morning from 9am-12.30pm each week to access additional support, or just to have a relaxed space for a bit of focussed self-study away from any potential distractions at home. This is also open to our year 10s as they develop learning routines ready for their GCSE year.

For those of you who don’t know, D6 is our voluntary sixth day of school which takes place each Saturday during term time. D6 is led by ex-students of XP who are returning to provide our current students with peer to peer academic study support. There will be additional support from our school learning coaches and members of the Leadership Team. 

We’re really looking forward to seeing our Y11s at D6 this Saturday, there are only 9 available Saturdays between now and the end of their GCSE exams!

(Please note that D6 is only open to Y11 & 10 at the moment).

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