XP and XP East meet with Rav from ‘A little History of the Sikhs’

As part of our expedition Do your bit! students have been learning about the role of propaganda in WW1 and how people from across the British Empire answered the ‘call to arms’. We welcomed Rav Singh, the founder of ‘A little History of the Sikhs’, to XP. Rav spoke us about the role of Sikhi soldiers in WW1, how soldiers carried out their beliefs and practices on the battlefield and helped us to understand the experience of Sikhi soldiers. https://alittlehistoryofthesikhs.org/

As we work towards answering our HUMAN expedition exploring the guiding question: ‘Why do we need to honour all those who made sacrifices during WWI?’

A big thank you to Rav for taking time to speak to us.

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