GCSE Results Day: 25th August 2022

The wait is almost over: GCSE results will be available for collection from XP School on Thursday 25th August between the hours of 9.30am-11.30am.

Please read the following information about the collection process:

  • Entry and Exit will be by the usual student entrance at car park 3. 
  • Each Crew will have a designated area within the heart of XP school (all students of XP and XPE will collect their results at XP School). 
  • Crew leaders will have the results for their crew. 
  • Students will have the opportunity to wait on the stairs whilst waiting for a space with their crew leader. 
  • Students can open their results envelope with their crew leader or leave school to open them.
  • If students want to speak to Crew Leaders after they have received their results they will need to wait on the stairs.
  • Students will need to complete a destinations form with Mrs Burns before leaving school. Mrs Burns will also be available to discuss next steps, if required.
  • If students are not able to come to collect their results they must email Miss Cocliff if XP ([email protected]) or Mrs Parker if XPE ([email protected]) from their school email account and request their results be sent to them.  Results will be emailed to their school account.
  • If students have any concerns about their exam results they must email Miss Cocliff or Mrs Parker in the first instance outlining their concerns.
  • Official GCSE certificates arrive in School late October and students will be invited to a presentation evening in November to receive their certificates.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all on the 25th, and can’t wait to see the results of your hard work, through the most challenging of times. Please remember that – as important as your exam results are – they are just a small part of your XP/XPE journey. We are all super proud of the young people you’ve grown up to be, regardless of what’s in the envelope.

Mrs Parker and Miss Cocliff

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