X28 – Crew Re-wilding!

Dear Parents and Carers,

Crew Darling and Crew Barnes are bonding together under the shared passion of re-wilding our school. We hope to attract more wildlife like bee’s, bunnies and more.

We hope if you have any spare flower seeds could you please donate them by Wednesday 24th of May 2023 so we can make our school bright and colourful again. X28 Crews have started studying the importance of caring for their environment in their Crew Wise Wednesday sessions. Crew worked hard last week learning about the impact Climate Change has on their environment, and ultimately how there is No Planet B!

We ask kindly that if you have any spare seeds and flowers (even flowering plants), that you drop them into reception to help us build a beautiful environment for nature around our school.

Crew Darling and Crew Barnes thanks you in advance!

Written by Leo and Junior.