Year 7 Admiral/X30 Getting Smart in Spanish

This term Year 7 Admiral are learning to talk about where they live. Today they met the vocabulary for rooms in a home, and they worked together to build sentences to describe a house. Each student in the group had a role to play: one identified the graphic and reported it to the person acting as the dictionary. It was their job to use the sentence builder to make a sentence in Spanish. The scribe had the responsibility of writing the sentence alongside the graphic, and then the proofreader checked for accuracy. Students met their HOWLs target of “I can show kindness by working well with other people in my group” and then they were also able to report back in Spanish about what rooms were contained in their house. ¡Muy buen trabajo!

X30 getting into Spanish

Year 7 are learning to talk about themselves in Spanish this term. They have learned to say “My name is…” and “I live in…” and to count to 15 so they can say their age. They did their first J.O.L.T. (Jump On Learning Targets), going back to their work and improving it by acting on feedback. It’s their first attempt at beautiful work and they are off to a great start!

Beautiful work in Art from C29

Our year 7 students have been getting to grips with mono printing this week – many of them trying it out for the first time! They’ve been using the skills which they have built up over the past term’s work on tone. Their images are all of artefacts relating to our expedition “From the ground up” which looks at the impact that coal mining has had on our city. We’re really proud of the beautiful work that our students are creating and hope that you’re looking forward to seeing it at their presentation of learning near the end of the term.