X24 History, getting started with revision!

Students this week have been given their own copy of the revision guide for our History exam board OCR B SHP History. All students should have named their copy so that if they are misplaced they can be returned. Students are encouraged to annotate and highlight the guide as they carry out their revision.

The revision guide has a number of different topics, however, students will need to focus on the following sections for revision:

  • The Elizabethans 
  • The People’s Heath 
  • Living under Nazi Rule 

The locations of these topics can be found in the contents page. We would recommend in general students start by revising The People’s Health as well as focusing on page 88 in order to prepare for the upcoming assessment in lessons. 

If any student has been absent when these revision guides were handed out, they can see myself or Mrs Hannam directly and we will make sure they get their copy.


A further revision guide focusing on the Viking Expansion will be issued to students in the coming weeks.



Hawking Crew

Hawking Crew is coping well with their new adjustment to working from home.  The picture above is of some of their happy faces during one of our crew sessions.  A big shout out to those in Hawking crew who have received praise from their expeditions teachers in the learning they have submitted over the last two weeks.  Well done Evan, Milla, Ashley, Jack, Kate, Marcus and Coen.  Keep smiling and keep your daily routine going.