Off to a flying start

Hi All,
An amazing start from crew NML, I’m so proud of how they have all come together and found a connection with each other. Through crew we have been looking at “getting to know you.” One of the things we have been looking at is diversity within our crew, through this we have seen similarities as well as differences and how we respect each others values, ideas, likes, dislikes, religions, hobbies and taste. Recognising that we can still be friends and help someone even if they don’t share the same ideals we do.
We’ve worked together to solve problems and discuss issues like if you were in a zombi apocalypse, which three people would you have – most of them would have a chef of some sort so that they could eat. and how to make the tallest spaghetti tower that will hold a marshmallow for 5 whole seconds.
We’ve talked about identity and finding your tribe and what is your superpower (something you are really good at) despite finding other things difficult, how do they see the world differently.
Understanding the values we need to have, such as Integrity, doing the right thing even when no-one is looking. Courage, to feel the fear and try anyway. Respect, to see things from another perspective and not judge others or make them feel bad if they don’t agree, has developed a good foundation for us to build a really strong group.
Lessons have also been really interesting with immersion giving them a little taster of what they will be diving in to with their case studies in the coming weeks.
Really exciting stuff. As this will be a new way of doing things to the children we have also talked about making mistakes being a really important part of the learning journey and if you don’t try how can you learn?
So in the wise words of Judy Hopps (Zootopia)

#Try, try everything!