C27: Coastal walk on 31st August

As ever, we will be kicking off our first week back at school by regrouping and rebooting Crew.

On Wednesday 31st August – our C27 (new Y9) students will be going on a coastal walk to Flamborough.

Students should arrive at school between 8am-8.15am so that we can leave at 8.30am.  We are aiming to be back at school by 3.30pm, but will keep you updated on the day.

All students will be expected to bring the Outdoor Kit listed below:

  • Appropriate rucksack for walking.
  • Packed lunch (those on FSM will be provided with a school pack lunch.)
  • Water bottle: approx 2 litres (no energy drinks, milkshakes or fizzy pop)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Appropriate walking trousers/shorts/leggings for the weather.
  • Walking top/base layer; made from synthetic, man made material (polyester, nylon etc). This type of material removes sweat away from your skin keeping you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather
  • Appropriate outdoor shoes (sturdy trainers, walking shoes or walking boots are compulsory – no open toe sandals, canvas shoes or sliders)
  • Sun hat/Sun cream
  • Medication

For further information or questions please email your child’s crew leader.


Crew Akkad coming back stronger!

What a way to start our year.

A week in Aberdovey having fun, challenging ourselves, building relationships and making memories we won’t forgot. I know I won’t!

What I will take most from the week was not the activities but the time it gave me to get to know our crew even better. Knowing the students I teach is the most important thing that I can do to help them succeed. This week definitely allowed me to achieve this.

All of crew Akkad loved our time in Wales for a variety of reasons;

“All the new activities we were able to do.”

“I loved camping”

“Jumping into the freezing cold sea.”

“It was really fun going into the sea”

“Feeling proud after going up and down the mountain”

“Going on the Canoes in the sea”

With these only being a few of our reflections.

But this week we all realised that there is more to us all than we know, with this we now know we can achieve brilliance. Together we are stronger as crew.


All of pour fun can be caught here

Students today and tomorrow who hold prescribed medication at school will be handed back their medication.  Students who require medication to be taken at school in the new term 2021/22 will be required to fill in the medication form.

The Google form is required to be filled in and then press send.  This then gives staff consent to administer medication and for it to be kept on school premises.

Please ensure Inhalers, Epi-pens and other prescribed medications are sent into school with the child’s name and expiry date clearly visible.

Recharging after a busy week

As a crew we spent a little bit of time on Friday recharging, getting away from our screens and having fun.

The task was to recreate a crew member in found objects from around your house.

We can see Bryson’s amazing self portrait featuring the noodle head, as well as my rendition of Noah using way too many pen lids, plus a negative Covid test!





We have spent this week grappling with not only the idea of what is a student led conference, but more importantly how this will shape up during online learning.

Working through we are getting prepped, recapping on our first expedition, checking our HOWLs, setting our targets and making some really person reflections.

Onwards and upwards!

Simple Gifts Campaign

As a crew we have been looking into why food banks are important, what they do, how they support people and families and most importantly how we can help. Here some of my crew have discussed why the simple gifts campaign helping to donate some small non essential gifts is important at this time of year.

“It helps other people  and if there are lots of presents it can make them happy and more joyful about this festive holiday. There are lots of people without a gift at Christmas so we can help them. Even if it’s just a little present it can help other people. It makes them feel appreciated and respected” Noah.

it’s a nice gift just to help someone cope” Jaxon

“It helps people because they can have a gift from a food bank, it doesn’t matter to us when we get chocolate but it might matter to them because they might not have had chocolate in a long time. It would be nice to give someone a gift and it would make them feel better about themselves for Christmas.” Brooke

“its important because some people might not have the money to buy presents and buy food and heating and they can’t give anyone else any presents.” Sienna

“Because it helps people have things for family at Christmas because many people under poverty can’t afford presents, toys and treats for others, which can make the family feel let down. It also helps because it shows that people actually care”  Elanore

 “It is important because some people don’t have the money to eat or even have heat. This is especially important at Christmas because it gets colder and people might want to get presents for their kids or other family. And if youdonate people might get the essential things they need” Isabelle

“It’s important since this Christmas people could have covid over Christmas. They can be really ill and spend Christmas alone in a ward or something with no presents. It’s also important to give people joy over Christmas, rich or poor. It’s nice giving people presents on such a special time of year. Also with covid-19 you can feel lonely and isolated, which presents it lifts their joy!” Alfie

“it’s a kind thing to do for someone and people can get the essentials they need as well as something nice.” Faith

“it makes people feel special and makes them feel loved and that people care about them. Another reason i Think is important is so they can get the basic needs you need to live” Ruben

“It helps because they can have a special Xmas” Collin

Hopefully by gifting chocolates and socks we will be able to bring some of this joy, love and happiness a lot of us take for granted over Christmas, sharing it with others less fortunate.

Glad to be back!

I spent the beginning of the week working from home awaiting test results. I was overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback I received from all my staff crew who took lead whilst I wasn’t isn’t school.

It was great to come back into school Thursday and see all the crew again. We’ve had a great week reflecting on our progress as friends, building character values and most importantly loving what we do!

What a way to finish our week!




Fantastic start by crew JDO.

Everyone is settling in brilliantly, we are all making friends, we are all having fun and we are all developing massively as individuals and a team.


We all made pledges last week in how we will try and work harder and be the best versions of ourselves. This pledge from Noah is a fantastic visualisation of what we stand for at XP.