Crew PBO make a pledge

We’ve been busy as ever this week in crew. Harry has been joining us on Google Hangouts from home for crew sessions in the morning!

As we come to the end of their first ever term at XP, I thought it would be good to reflect on their progress. We spoke about our HoWLs (Habits of Work and Learning) which are Work hard, Get smart and Be kind. It’s important for the students to reflect on these themselves so they can celebrate their successes as well as think about what they can do to improve. The students rated their HoWLs and we discussed our strengths and areas for improvement. Then they all wrote a pledge and we stuck them up on the wall. Being visible will help them stay accountable to their pledges and we can check their progress. Here they are on our crew wall:

As crew, we support each other because we can always go further together than alone. We spoke about what we can do to help each other with our pledges and HoWLs.

I think one of the most important things they can do to help each other is to be a good role model for others. We all have different strengths and this is great because it means they can all inspire each other in different ways!

Beautiful Work

This week I’d like to share some of the brilliant and beautiful work my crew has been doing in their lessons.

In HUMs they’ve been writing an essay about what makes a successful community. They picked out which values they thought were the most important; Oscar suggested equality and kindness and Owen suggested respect and determination.

Here’s a beautifully presented BBK created by Alysia all about the values needed in a community.

In maths they’ve been learning about place value and large numbers, visualising how large a billion really is and starting to think about wealth inequality. In science they’ve been learning about lab safety and experiments. In music they’ve been practicing singing the song ‘Times Like These’.

In art they’ve been creating positivity posters to decorate their classrooms. Some students have been learning how to use digital art apps on their devices while some used more traditional materials like pencils and pens. I love how colourful they all are with some great quotes and important values.

In Thursday’s community meeting we discussed what themes have been linking all our lessons and guessed how they might connect. The expedition guiding question was finally revealed…

‘How do we build a community?’

I can’t wait to see what they come up with. I know it’ll be fantastic. My crew are so kind and supportive to one another and they consistently work really hard.

Crew PBO make a fantastic start

I am so incredibly proud of my new crew who have thrown themselves straight into life at XP. It’s strange to think most of us have only known each other for two weeks and we are already so close. They’ve settled in and bonded beautifully in crew and in lessons they’ve been working hard.
Check out this fab photo…
Our crew sessions this week have been about identity and diversity. We spoke about all the ways that people are diverse and they came up with loads of great ideas:
In our Friday afternoon crew session we watched some short videos on the theme of diversity and disabilities which sparked a sharing circle about our own stories. I was in awe of the courage shown by my crew when sharing things that were very personal. It was a real testament to the power of crew that we felt so safe and respected to be vulnerable. As a crew we are quite different in our personalities, looks, abilities/disabilities and it was lovely to celebrate these differences together.
Morgan said that crew feels like a family – I love that! We are building a real strong foundation to be able to rely on each other as we move on to new challenges.